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I'm a seasoned entrepreneur, technologist, digital innovation expert & speaker, author for Boardroom magazine and China business veteran. Relentlessly driven and attracted to innovation, bold ideas, lean design principles and creativity.

As a speaker, advisor and writer I address the following topics:

☑️User Experience
☑️Digital Communities
☑️Digital Transformation
☑️Iterative Thinking
☑️Lean Innovation

I co-founded, Bond a digital innovation agency based in Barcelona. We are the creators of the eponymous Bond community platform.

In 2020, I became one of the first instructors on Boardroom Magazine's new MiniCourses platform, teaching global association executives about digital transformation, design thinking and innovation.

A selection of the brands and companies I've written and spoken for or advised on various topics


Belgium, 3.3.1977

All my life I have loved 'building stuff', from Lego spaceships to homebuilt computers and later entire businesses. My parents didn't have much but still gifted me my first computer, a hideous and expensive beige monstrosity that would set me on a path of fearlessness and curiosity about the digital realm.

In my early twenties I serendipitously joined a small advertising agency where I learned everything about typography and design aesthetics, a skillset to balance my technologically inclined mind and one that serves me to this day; I can still out-Photoshop most design students, perfect for rapid concept prototyping and ideation.

Malcontent with the prospect of a secure but predictable life in Belgium I moved to China on a whim and became a tour guide across a country whose language I did not speak and whose culture I did not know. I fell deeply in love with this vast and mysterious land, a riddle wrapped inside an enigma.

China was hard at times, almost impossible even, but always rewarding and oh so beautiful. I was one of the first foreigners in China to start a tourism business.

Above all, China taught me the meaning of tenacity:
When life puts me in a situation where I'm about to hit a brick wall, it's unfortunate for the wall.

I am today the co-founder of a digital innovation agency called Bond where we envision and then build digital tools of the future. We profess techno-humanism: the idea that technology is only as good as the wellbeing and benefit it bestows on people.

I'm a proud nerd who lives and breathes new technology and digital innovation, but also a skilled negotiator, eloquent writer, natural salesman and experienced public speaker.

My strongest skills are UX/UI design and strategy, iterative design, rapid prototyping, go-to-market strategy, growth hacking, writing and sales.

I love people, believe in the power of empathy and I am a gregarious person (subject to morning coffee).

I want to leave this world a bit better than I found it, work hard and bring out the best in others.

Impossible is nothing.

My wife Klaudia and my daughter Amelie complete what is a beautiful life.

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